After spending 20 years within the tourism industry including managing hotels and attending to VIPs in Paris, France, it was time to bring this knowledge back home.   With language skills in English, French and Portuguese, it was natural to develop a business connecting with people internationally.  I had the privilege of driving luxury vehicles from Mercedes Benz to Rolls Royce, including limosines which layed the ground work for creating Vip Van Tours.

Today, Vip Van Tours is focussed on providing specialized transportation services to small groups within the hotel and tour businesses as well as seasonal TV and movie production crews.  Year round, we cater to private clients for specific itineraries.
Recent assignments included driving VIPs for the James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace” as well as the production crew for the TV series “Ghost Hunters International”.  


One of the best compliments for our service is the repeat business from customers and their recommendations to others.   It is our mission to provide top, personalised service  and to ensure our customer has an exceptional experience travelling with Vip Van Tours


Many thanks and enjoy our services,
Vip Van Tours

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